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Meper blow molding advantages also make the high-barrier fresh-keeping bottles


People also ask what is the advantage of high barrier fresh-keeping bottles of Meper blow molding.

High barrier fresh-keeping bottles of Meper blow molding  have four major promotion advantages, which can benefit both upstream and downstream of the industry and end users.

First, compared with traditional glass packaging, its production and manufacturing costs are lower.

Second, it has the characteristics of lightweight, non-fragile, convenient transportation, and good safety.

Third, it can effectively avoid the deterioration of ingredients caused by the contact between the objects inside the container and oxygen after the package is opened, ensure its freshness, let food manufacturers reduce the use of oxidants, and achieve "zero addition" freshness.

Fourth, it can extrude a small amount of objects inside the container each time and improve the utilization rate of the contents.

These advantages also make the high-barrier fresh-keeping bottles widely used in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Take the Japanese market as an example, the number of high-barrier fresh-keeping bottles increased from 24 million in 2011 to 95 million in 2015, an increase of up to 400%.

Meper blow molding launched a 6-layer high barrier fresh-keeping bottle blowing machine to help the hollow industry upgrade iteratively -3

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