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Meper automatic plastic extrusion blow moulding machine supplier launched a 6-layer high-barrier fresh-keeping


According to the introduction of Meper blow molding, the high barrier fresh-keeping bottle is a packaging container that uses high barrier materials to achieve food fresh-keeping. It is composed of three parts: shell, soft and insulating oxygen tank and special bottle cap. The shell is PP three-layer co-extrusion, and the liner film is composed of EVOH, adhesive and LDPE new materials.

Its fresh-keeping principle is that when the user squeezes the bottle body, the check valve can block the air hole of the shell and make the air enter between the shell and the inner liner. The shell restores its original shape but the inner liner does not restore its shape, isolating the contents of the inner liner from contacting with oxygen, thus achieving the effect of preventing the contents from oxidation and deterioration for a long time.

The high barrier fresh-keeping bottle is manufactured by MP70D-2 bottle blowing machine.

Meper blow molding launched a 6-layer high barrier fresh-keeping bottle blowing machine to help the hollow industry upgrade iteratively - 2

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