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The blending properties of PE small and medium hollow materials for 4L handle pot blow molding machine


A 4L handle pot for  blow molding machine was prepared by mixing high density polyethylene medium hollow material(DMDA-6147)and small hollow material(HD-5502XA) in different proportions at 170℃. The screw speed of 24 Hz and blowing time of 38 s -40 s.The results show that when the mixing ratio (mass ratio) is lower than 40:60, the tensile strength of the admixture is 32.9 MPa -35.3 MPa.  and the bending stress is 1132MPa-1182 MPa, the admixture can blow molding 4 L small bollow handle pot nomally,  and the pot weight is slightly higher than HD-5502XA products, and the impact resistance at normal and low temperature is greatly improved compared with the latter,  which is beneficial to the application in the field of low temperature packaging.

4L handle pot blow molding machine

4L handle pot blow molding machine

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