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Six-Layer Co-extrusion Blow Molding Machine for Automotive Fuel Tank Material


extrusion Blow Molding Machine

The structure design principle and properties of six-layer co-extrusion automotive fuel tank material  for blow molding machine were systematically studied. And it was helpful in strength simulation and providing guidance to the product design.The results showed that six-layer design of automotive blow molding fuel tank material could meet strength requirement by HDPE layer and control hydrocarbon emission by EVOH layer.

In addition,the cost of production could be reduced by regrind layer.The regrind and the adhesive layers in six-layer material resulted in lower thermal and tensile properties than virgin HDPE material, according to DSC analysis and tensile tests.  The peel strength of LLDPE adhesive layer was about 10 N/mm, which showed a good adhesive property.The yield of the automotive blow molding fiuel tank material remained 76%  of its original strength after soaked in gasoline,indicating its good property of oil resistance.The displacement deviation between simulation and test was less than 10%, which means the strength simulation results had high accuracy.

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