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High appearance and easy color retention for Meper gradient color blowing machine


Strengthen downstream markets to form product awareness

Research has shown that while consumers pursue quality, they also pay attention to product packaging design. On average, they only take 3-7 seconds to decide which product to purchase. During this short period of time, 64% of consumers will purchase products with more attractive packaging.

Compared to traditional single color packaging, the surface of gradient colored bottles exhibits a smooth transition effect from one color to another. Both in terms of craftsmanship and vision, gradient color bottles have a certain degree of innovation, making it easy to form a unique understanding in the daily chemical terminal market and thus establish market barriers.

For packaging companies, Meper's gradient color bottle blowing machine also has significant technological advantages. One is that the device supports custom color matching, allowing packaging companies to fully meet customer needs and produce products that match the brand's tone; The second is the color retention of the product. As the color of the product comes from the raw material, it is colored during bottle blowing and properly stored to ensure that the product does not fade for a long time. The flexible, agile, and high-quality product features can adapt to various customer needs, making it easier to build a complete value chain service.

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