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Machines for safe and functional industrial packaging

Industrial packagings packages have an important role to play in the packaging segment alongside consumer packagings packages and they form an important part of the MEPER machine range.

Whether you are looking for stackable jerry cans, drums or water cisterns, we offer production solutions for target applications which are perfectly coordinated so that the highest levels of output capacity and product quality are guaranteed. We supervise the development from A to Z and support our customers right through to the product and mold design.

Sustainability and haptic quality have a significant role to play with industrial packagings in addition to unit costs, function, and weight. Unlike consumer packagings, industrial ones often involve much larger containers, which may contain particularly expensive or hazardous substances. So, we produce containers which comply with customer’ specifications and are so safe that they can be transported anywhere in the world.

We are constantly engaged in technological progress with our partners for your benefit. Our aim is to increase your productivity alongside ever increasing quality. This means you will always receive the most cost-effective solution.

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When it comes to tightly calculated cycle times, high demand on product quality, flexibility and delivery reliability, benchmarks have to be set to comply with high customer expectations. With MEPER machines and services we can achieve those targets.

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